I wrote a book, now what?

Sell your BooksHave you thought about writing? Or, have you written or even published? If the answer is yes – I’ll bet most of you have something in common with one another.


Frustration with marketing your book, most likely you are bewildered and wondering how on earth you’re going to get the word out. How to get the word out so people know to buy your book and read it!

You are not the only one! OMG! I too have found myself in that position. Hours and hours of writing, editing, and on and on. Finally published! Yeah!

Then what? Other than friends and family, no one is reading your book. And…It’s a good book!

What about all those books you see online? What about the books you see on T.V. and hear about on the radio? The bookstores, there are lots of books with big advertisements and publicity.

Yes, you’re right. Big publishers and publicists can make it happen. But can you? You don’t have a publisher or publicist. How do you get one? What does it cost? Can you afford a publicist? What about getting a publisher?

Would you like to have a marketing plan for your book?

How about a plan that you can manage day by day? A plan that is efficient and easy to follow?

You may think you have answers to these answers. Some are complete answers, come are conjecture, and some answers you just don’t like.

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