Give Life To Your Plan


$1958 sessions (Less than $25.00 per class)

Market your book

June 2020 – ZOOM – Evening Classes

8 – 2-hour sessions, Only $195

Class Schedule June 2020

June 15, 17, 22, 24, 29, July 1, 6, 86 to 8 PM PDT

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Class Topics Include:

Marketing options and techniques will be introduced and explored. Informal lecture, hands-on-tasks, Q & A sessions, guest experts, and videos. Create and learn to use a perpetual marketing calendar, Why and how to brand yourself, Learn to write a variety of Bios and when to use each one, How to discover your market, How to use social media, How to determine a marketing schedule, How to write blogs and posts, When, or when not, to hire a professional PR/Marketing firm, How to write a book pitch for marketing purposes, Learn to find and how to do podcasts, blog tours, and MUCH MORE.

Class is limited to 12 persons.

Task-oriented training. Each participant will create a personal marketing calendar; based on their individual needs and goals.

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