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Marketing Your Book: Give Life To Your Plan is taught by professional writers. Tamara Merrrill and JR Stravye. They bring a variety of writing and teaching experience and are excited to work with you.

JR StrayveJR Strayve, Jr.’s (Jerry) first novel first came to life after he suffered an accident and was limited to working part-time as a Financial Planner. After the accident it took several months to regain his strength. He went for long walks to exercise and refocus his thoughts.  He says that through those walks the inspiring beauty of San Diego, he reverted to the “daydreaming, window gazing, wildly imaginative” days of his youth which gave birth to ‘Braxton’s Century’ Vol 1 & 2 (currently being edited) and the published historical fiction and controversial novel, ‘First Spouse Of The United States.’ Jerry is well into a sequel to ‘First Spouse Of The United States’ and is concurrently outlining a trilogy, ‘Millennial Moguls Unhinged.’

Strayve is the father of three and grandfather of three with another grandchild on the way! Accompanying his Naval officer family from one duty station to another, he attended nine different schools before attending college. Continuing this nomad life, he joined the Marine Corps serving for ten years and achieving the rank of Captain. The father of a special needs child, he has had the opportunity to embrace many challenges alongside his family.

A financial planner since 1985, Strayve has mentored individuals and businesses toward reaching their goals and dreams. He is a natural entrepreneur, having started and grown several businesses over the past thirty plus years.

‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ This is evidenced in Jerry finding himself in a situation not unlike many other authors. Today’s world has many opportunities for marketing. So many and so varied that the crushing complexity can lead to mind numbing and financially crippling scenarios. His personal and professional experiences coming to the fore, have championed his efforts in cobbling together solutions for himself and others: A map, a workable plan for marketing their books!

Mr. Strayve has learned so much from many authors sharing their knowledge and expertise. For that, he is grateful. ‘Author’s Crutch’ is an opportunity he’s grasped to return the favor and facilitate writers efficiently and effectively taking their books to market.

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Tamara MerrillTamara Merrill is the author of the award-winning Shadows in our Bones, a novel of historical significance, the Augustus Family trilogy, and many short stories. Her short stories, which are usually about family relationships, murder or mystery, are published in magazines and in fourteen anthologies. In 2019, Magic, Mystery and Murder, a collaboration that includes five of her stories, won the San Diego Book Award. In total, Tamara has published seven novel and illustrated one children’s book.

In addition to writing fiction, she writes business articles related to Information Technology and how-to blog posts for DIY websites.

Tamara often teaches art and writing in the adult education system and enjoys walking on the beach, crafts, painting, dining with friends, and travel. She is available to speak at book events and clubs; in person or via SKYPE. Tamara currently resides in Coronado, CA.

You can contact her through Email: Tamara@TamaraMerrill.com

Her website is: TamaraMerrill.com

Facebook: @TamaraMerrillAuthor

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